About Us

Ahlborn Fence & Steel, Inc. began its business in 1991, with just a handful of employees, building fences for residential homeowners. It wasn’t long before it became a community name. While the company continued to grow, so did its ties with local contractors. Ahlborn Fence & Steel, Inc. started to do larger commercial contract work and through great work ethics and superior service, larger commercial contract work became the norm.

With the steady growth of Ahlborn Fence & Steel, Inc., the company challenged itself by branching out with more steel, iron and miscellaneous metal fabrication work. The demand for work in this division of the company became so large that the company started up an additional company to take over the steel/metal fabrication and erection.

Ahlborn Structural Steel, Inc. was created. It has grown to be one of the largest fabricators in the North Bay.

Ahlborn Fence & Steel, Inc. and Ahlborn Structural Steel, Inc. are union contractors who employ qualified trained employees. Because the quality of our employees is the key to the success of the companies, as well as our future success, we continue to strive to find the best people we can. The best means doing a job for a customer and leaving the impression on them that they would recommend us to anyone.

California State License #793504
Classifications C13, C23, C51

Ahlborn Fence & Steel, Inc. is signatory to the Northern California Laborers Union.